ECPAR | Espace québécois de concertation sur les pratiques d'approvisionnement responsable



The Espace de concertation sur les pratiques d'approvisionnement responsable (ECPAR) contributes to the value creation of organizations by fostering responsible procurement and sustainable development practices throughout their supply chains. 

Target audience

ECPAR's activities are focused on supporting organizations that actively try to strengthen and promote the environmental, social and economic performance of their procurement practices as well as their products, services, and processes.

More specifically, ECPAR aims its actions towards the managers and professionals from the following divisions:

  • Purchases, supply chain, sustainable development, environment
  • Clients/contractors who issue purchase needs or develop estimates
  • Information and communication technology, property management
  • Greenhouse gas reduction, energetic efficiency, sustainable water management, waste management, sustainable fisheries, sustainable forest management, sustainable buildings, product development, risk management, human resource management
  • Communication and marketing


  1. Measure, quantify and communicate responsible procurement performances
  2. Offer guides, tools, and support in relation to sustainable purchasing 
  3. Encourage the exchange and communication between responsible buyers and suppliers 


ECPAR is led by Anne-Marie Saulnier who holds a Master's degree in industrial relations with a focus on corporate responsibility and sustainable development.

Board of directors 2019-2020


  Philippe Stas

  Directeur Approvisionnement Stratégique

  Aéroports de Montréal


  Marie-Claude Rousseau

  Conseillère Recherche scientifique



  Jean-Pierre Menard

  Chargé de cours

  HEC Montréal

  Marie-Josée Corriveau

  Chef de division -

  Soutien chaîne d'approvisionnement

  Société de transport de Montréal

  Sonia Gagné

  Présidente directrice générale



  Nancy Neamtan

  Conseillère stratégique

  Chantier de l’économie sociale


  Sophie Fallaha

  Directrice exécutive


  Naomi Verdon

  Directrice p.i.

  Bureau de coordination du

  développement durable

  Philippe Lanthier

  Chargé de projet développement durable


  Anne-Marie Saulnier

  Directrice ECPAR


International Outreach

ECPAR is a member of the Sustainable Public Procurement Initiative (SPPI) which is administered by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP).  Launched as part of Rio+20, the SPPI was created to help governments maximize the social and economic benefits of public procurement and aims to foster the worldwide implementation of responsible purchasing practices by enhancing collaborations between key stakeholders. ECPAR intends to fulfill a strategic role in this initiative supported by the expertise of its internationally renowned stakeholders on both the environmental and socio-economic level.