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Supply chains, to remain competitive, have to adapt themselves to the context of energy transition towards a sober economy in carbon. In this context, organizations have to find solutions joining their business model.

Our Forum contains two shutters :

The shutter "Opting for GHG reduction tools in your supply chain" concerns the methods, the actions and the criteria proposed by Canadian organizations to reduce GHG emissions bound to supply chains.

The extraction and the disposal of the materials which compose batteries, including those used for the electrification of transport, are cause of concern for organizations committed regarding responsible purchase. The shutter "Concerted efforts to address issues in raw materials extraction and disposal" illustrate the stakes and presents examples of actions carried out by organizations to face it.

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June 16th 2016, Montreal :  Final result for the Responsible Procurement Barometer

The 2016 Responsible Procurement Barometer assesses the advancement of responsible purchasing among organizations in Québec, with inroads in Canada. The tool constitutes the second edition of the Barometer, which was initially released for the Québec market in 2012 (2012 Responsible Procurement Barometer).

This project was led by the ECPAR in collaboration with the Chaire de recherche Marcelle-Mallet sur la culture philanthropique and the International Reference Centre for the Life Cycle of Products, Processes and Services (CIRAIG). 

The results of the 2016 barometer were presented at a public event on June 16 at the Grande Bibliothèque BAnQ in Montreal

You can now download the report here.

April 7th 2016, Montreal : Networking activities between sustainable buyers and suppliers

Le most recent networking event was an excellent occasion to get to know the products and services offered by insertion companies, adapted businesses, cooperatives,and companies in the fields of green technologies and sustainable transportation. Their presentations from the event can be visualized here.