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Responsible purchasing sheets (in the process of being updated)

To provide tangible support to requisitioners and purchasing agents seeking to make sustainable acquisitions, ECPAR has developed a series of sustainable purchasing sheets on common goods and services; eight of them are publicly available.
Designed to meet the needs of different types of users (buyers, sustainability team, final user), these sheets include those sections:


BEFORE BUYING : best practices to rethink the need before purchasing, guidelines to respect the 3R-R hierarchy and some simple rules to reduce the environmental impacts and costs associated with the consumption of goods and services.

SUSTAINABLE PURCHASING : sustainable purchasing criteria to incorporate relevant environmental, social and economic specifications into procurement processes. 

RATIONALE AND ADDITIONAL INFORMATION : life cycles of the products and services, main impacts that arise in each phase and more information about the certifications.

REFERENCES : sources that were used to produce the information sheet as well as a list of social economy enterprises that provide the goods and services discussed in the information sheet. 

Just click on the pictures to access the full purchase sheet for the product or service that is illustrated. The sheets presented here were made between 2011 and 2013 and are currently in the process of being updated. Stay tuned: By the fall of 2019, updated sheets will be available. 
These sheets have been designed to be viewed on screen. We recommand avoiding printing unless forced to do so. If necessary, please print sections of interest only.
As part of a collaborative agreement, some of the content is derivated from the purchaising sheets developped par
ECPAR would like to thank RECYC-QUEBEC for its financial contribution.  
To access the other 14 sheets of ECPAR, please contact us via the following address: