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Total Cost of Ownership calculators

The Total Cost of Ownership analysis provides a sustainable assessment by taking into account the total life cycle costs of a project when analyzing various solutions. In particular, it aims to extend the concept of price in the calculation of tenders to various maintenance, monitoring and other related costs incurred during the possession of the product until it's end of life.
The Clean Fleet project commissioned by the European Commission has developed a free cost total cost calculator for different vehicle models. It is available here in free access.
ECPAR has developed total cost of ownership tools and also calculators for the following six products. These calculators are intended to provide buyers and applicants with key information enabling them to proceed with the responsible procurement of products.
If you want to know more about tools and methodology developped by ECPAR: 2018 ICLEI Congress - Presentation   
One of our total cost cost calculators is available for free access: Download the total cost of ownership calculator for printers here