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Working groups

Working groups :Help develop the tools, models, and services that meet your organization's responsible purchasing goals and optimize the costs of producing them in collaboration with other organizations that have the same needs.

Collaboration to a working group is included with the membership for ECPAR members.

If you are interested in a project but are not an ECPAR member, please contact us at :

N.B. To start a working group, the participation of a minimum of 5 organizations is required. One of these organizations must volunteer to coordinate the work.

Working Groups Proposed Objectives for 2017-2018
Reduction of GHG emissions
Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Develop and deliver Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) training as part of procurement processes.
  • Take stock of the calculation of total costs for strategic goods - energy sector.   
  • Produce two case studies on calculating total costs as part of procurement processes.
Key Performance Indicators monitoring
  • Identify indicators and performance monitoring system for criteria 1) source reduction of GHG emissions; 2) reduction at the source / circularity of the material; 3) purchases from the social economy sector.
  • Define impact indicators for the renovation / construction sector.
Social Economy (SE)
  • Define our action plan to promote Akcelos online shopping platform
  • Develop a strategy to increase the share of purchases from the social economy sector.
  • Organize the Responsible purchasing know-how event (social economy component) scheduled for June 2018 as part of theICLEI World Congress 2018
Social and ethical responsibility (workwear and minerals)
  • Propose a common approach to monitoring social responsibility in the case of workwear and minerals (based on the OECD guide in this case).

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