Revue de presse de l'achat responsable: 2013 à aujourd'hui

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Date : 2013-05-10
Composantes : Analyse et mesure
Enjeux : Enjeux par industrie/textile

Fair and safe working conditions in global supply chains are still a distant prospect. With many people still missing, the death toll from the collapse of a factory building in Bangladesh on 24 April has passed 700. While just a few months ago, over 100 workers died when they were unable to escape a fire in a garment factory in Dhaka (Bangladesh). Seven months ago a fire in a textile factory in Karachi (Pakistan) killed almost 300 workers, who found themselves trapped due to locked exits and bars across the factory windows. On the same day in the Pakistani City of Lahore 25 people were killed in a shoe factory in similar circumstances.

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