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Date : 2014-02-19
Composantes : Analyse et mesure

The European Union's Joint Research Centre has recently published a report underscoring the importance of taking a life cycle-based approach to understanding and managing social risks in support of policies and decision-making for socially sustainable development. The report, available for free download on the EU website, conducted a macro-scale analysis of the social risk profile of EU-27 imports by combining trade statistics regarding imports from in-EU-27 and out-of-EU-27 trading partners in 2010, with country and sector-specific social risk indicator data addressing five thematic areas: Labour Rights and Decent Work; Health and Safety; Human Rights; Governance; and Community Infrastructure. It estimated the apparent social risk profiles of EU-27 imports based on consideration of country/sector-of-origin social risk data only (the truncated, country-of-origin approach), and compared these results with results from a life cycle-based social risk assessment that takes into account the distribution of social risks along product supply chains. The study was conducted using the Social Hotspots Database

Article en ligne : ce_life_cycle-based_approach